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Our largest stump removal of 2017

Being in the business of stump removal in Sale, Cheshire and other areas puts Wainwright Stump Removal above the rest. With over 25 years of experience under our belts, we are able to provide a wide range of services.

We are one of the nations leading stump removal specialists who also provide a high end tree surgery service and our reputation precedes us (click here for just some of our online reviews), our professional work ethic enables us to handle these jobs and more. We cater to both domestic and commercial needs, with past clients from the private and public sector, property developers and insurance providers.

Tree Stump Sale, Cheshire

Wayne on top of the large stump in Sale

Our largest tree stump removal of 2017 was possibly this 6ft wide Beech Stump in Sale, Cheshire. We were called in by a domestic property owner to remove his large stump to enable him to build a house in the area. The beech stump had a diameter of 6ft at the top and with the roots having been exposed they covered an area of 12ft+.

We used our FSI D74 with grass tyres and a powerful 74hp engine and a 2 meter swipe we had the stump removed within a matter of hours. Once we finished stump grinding the client had a neat pile of stump grindings that were left in the area of the tree stump to act as a mulch and weed suppressant.

FSI D74 Stump Grinder

FSI D74 Stump Grinder

The process took a little over half a day as you can see from the results the area is completely transformed for a nominal fee considering the area that was gained by the tree stump removal.