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Tree surgery, Emergency tree care, Tree pruning & Maintenance

Wainwright Stump Removal is a well-established tree maintenance company with a team of
professional and qualified tree surgeons.

Why we’re leaders in Tree Surgery

Wainwright’s are leading providers of tree surgery in the North West. Our range of specialist tree services include; tree removal, pruning and planting for domestic homes and commercial properties at competitive prices. Our qualified tree surgeons can help you to decide what tree service you need and will provide the right skills and machines for the job.

Tree Pruning

We can help determine the type of tree pruning service technique that’s required to maintain or enhance the appearance, health and safety of your tree. We can improve the shape with tree trimming, eliminate branches that rub against each other and remove diseased, dead or weak limbs.

Tree Removal

While tree removal will only be considered as a last resort, there are circumstances when it is the only option. Removal may be essential when a tree is dying or causing an obstruction that cannot be resolved through pruning. The removal of a tree involves the specialist skills and equipment of our tree surgeons to ensure that the removal is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Tree Planting

We can recommend appropriate trees for a specific location and assist in the tree planting process. If you’re not trained as a tree arborist and unknowingly plant the wrong tree in the wrong location, your actions could contribute to problems such as limited growing and disease. We’ll provide accurate advice on what to plant and how to maintain your tree.

Emergency Tree Care

Emergency tree care should be considered when considerable damage to limbs or the entire tree is damaged. You should not remove a tree without enlisting the advice of a qualified tree surgeon to perform the emergency tree care in a safe manner. In doing so, you will reduce the risk of damaging your property and/or any surrounding trees.

Other Tree Care Services

  • Plant health care and advice – to keep your trees in good condition.
  • Fertilisation – to boost the health of your trees, enabling them to cope with insects, disease and environmental stresses.
  • Cabling or bracing – to provide your trees with added support.
  • Aeration – to improve root growth.
  • Insect control – to help your trees to ward off insect and disease problems.
  • Lightning protection installation – to intercept lightning bolts and conduct them to the ground, preventing damage to your trees.

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