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Tree Stump Removal in CheadleConsider tree stump removal in Cheadle if you have an unsightly tree stump on your premises. Trees often need to be cut down, especially if the threaten the nearby houses or structures or if they have been uprooted in a storm. Standard tree fellers will usually remove the branches, trunk and debris after cutting, but will leave the stump if it is still rooted in the ground. This is because stump removal requires specialised equipment.

Wainwright Stump Removal are specialists in stump grinding and removal. In Cheadle, tree stump removal from Wainwright is an affordable, quality service. They have the equipment and machinery to remove stumps that are deeply rooted. Their grinders can reach roots up to 600mm below ground level, effectively removing the stump and preventing new growth. They use the grinding chips to fill the hole left by the stump, and any excess grindings can be used as mulch for your lawn or garden. They can also remove the grindings for a small additional fee if you have no need for them.

For a quote for tree stump removal in Cheadle, contact Wainwright Stump Removal. The diameter of the stump, its position relative to any structures such as fencing, and what species of tree it is, as well as accessibility to the area, will affect the type of machinery needed and determine the time and price for the removal. All their operators are fully insured and qualified, and will complete the tree stump removal with excellent results. A tree stump in the garden is unsightly and can sometimes pose a safety risk. Small stumps can easily be tripped over, and stubbed toes and bruises can be avoided with a stump removal. The space can be put to use again after a stump removal, so there is no reason not to have it removed.