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Stump removal in Alderley EdgeStump removal in Alderley Edge is often necessary to remove the last of the tree and then be able to use the space in your garden again. No one likes to have the trees in the garden removed, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If the tree is old and in danger of falling on your home, you have no choice. If the roots are causing problems with foundations or driveways, the tree will need to come down. Once the tree has been removed you are often left with an unsightly stump. If the tree was very old it may be a sizable stump. You could leave this to rot but you could wait decades for that to happen. Stump removal is the best option for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

When a tree has died and had to be chopped down in Alderley Edge, stump removal is the correct way to remove the remains. You may want to plant another tree in the same place, especially if this is a shady area of your garden. First, you will need to remove the stump. We have many years of experience in removing stumps of all sizes and hardness of wood. We will need to know what type of tree stump we will be removing. There are different saws for different hardness of wood. We will bring in a machine that is suitable for the job. If the stump is close to a building and difficult to get to, we will use a small machine that is easy to manoeuvre. The stump will be ground down to about 600mm below ground level and the chips can be used for mulch. We contain the chips as much as possible to keep your garden neat.

Stump removal in Alderley Edge is easy and fairly quick. Contact Wainright Stump Removal today for a free quotation for stump removal. We can guarantee you the most efficient service. Should you not want the excess chips for mulch in your garden we can arrange for them to be removed.