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Tree Stump Removal in Alderley EdgeTree stump removal in Alderley Edge is essentially a way of returning the nutriments of a tree to the soil in a faster time than nature could do it. Once a tree has died or been removed because it is diseased or is growing dangerously close to a building the stump and roots must also be removed. When we grind a stump we are careful to contain as much of the wood chips as possible. Some of these are used to fill the hole left by the stump and the rest can be used as mulch. We turn the solid wood into chips to allow them to decay quickly and return goodness to the soil. This enables you to either plant another tree where the old one was or to use it for flower beds.

When a tree has died and been cut down in Alderley Edge, tree stump removal is necessary to get rid of the roots and to be able to use that particular area of the garden again. Our machines can get into small and narrow places where it could be difficult to work. If the tree was hard wood it may take a little longer to grind it with the smaller machines. Where there is an easily accessible stump the large machines will make short work of hard or soft wood stumps. We grind the stumps to about 600mm below the level of the earth surrounding them. This is far easier than trying to dig the stump out as the roots can be spread out as wide as the tree canopy was.

Tree stump removal in Alderley Edge can allow you to redesign your garden. Contact Wainwright Stump Removal today and find out how affordable and efficient we are. Once the stump has been removed the roots will die and fertilise the area around the old tree. The other plants in the garden in the near vicinity will take advantage of the extra nutrition and water available to flourish.