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Stump Remover in TimperleyFind a good stump remover in Timperley and stop falling over tree stumps that are left on your property. When trees are chopped down, sometimes the stump is left for years. It can not only cause injury for those on your property, it is also an eye sore. If you get rid of it, you can level out the ground and use it for something else. You can replant a new tree, or add other aesthetic items to your yard. Improving the look of your yard can increase the value of your property. It can also reduce the chances of unexpected expenses that may occur if someone falls on your property and has a serious injury.

Old tree stumps are best removed by professionals. In Timperley, stump remover services are offered by Wainwright Stump Removal. We have been in the industry for over 25 years and are one of the most recognised operators in the North West of England.  We work across Cheshire, Manchester, North Wales, Lancaster and surrounding areas. Our service is available to both domestic and commercial customers. We take on any size stump and remove it completely. We have all relevant NPTC Certificates and are fully insured.  Providing excellent customer service and customer satisfaction is our primary goal. For a quick estimate, give us the diameter of the stump. Let us know its position in the landscape. If you send a photo of the stump it will be helpful in selecting the correct machine for the job. Once we start the removal, we place guards to prevent grindings from spreading too far. We will go down a maximum of 600mm below ground level. Any holes will be filled. We will not leave until you are completely satisfied with the job.

When you need stump remover in Timperley, call us and we will answer any questions you have. Contact Wainwright Stump Removal if you are looking for a stump remover and we will give you a quote for the job. You will be pleased with the services and the final results we deliver.