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Stump Removal in ChorltonWhen you need stump removal in Chorlton, contact the specialists! Wainwright Stump Removal has been in the business for more than a quarter of a century. Our comprehensive services include stump grinding and removal for a range of customers. Our customers include domestic, commercial, landscape professionals and designers, tree surgeons, property developers, and insurance providers. Our company is owned and managed by a qualified and trained tree surgeon with extensive experience in tree climbing, planting, surgery and stump grinding. We provide customised solutions for all your tree problems. People want to remove trees or stumps for various reasons – the tree may have toppled over with age, after a storm or due to disease. It could pose a threat to nearby buildings and power lines. Perhaps it doesn’t fit into the landscaping design proposed by your designer. Whatever the reason, when you cut the tree down, stump removal is essential.

Many people wonder whether or not to just leave the stump to rot and get absorbed into the earth naturally. However, in Chorlton, stump removal is crucial. There are several issues that could arise if a stump is left unattended in a space that’s used by people and vehicles. For starters, stumps are not a very pleasant sight. They add very little to the appearance of your garden or to the curb value of your property. They pose a major hazard to children and visitors to your property as people could trip over it and hurt themselves badly. Stumps can cost you a pretty penny if your lawn-mower blade hits a hidden stump and breaks. Subsequent re-growth can be unappealing and difficult to remove later.

Stump removal in Chorlton is essential for practical and aesthetic reasons. Decaying stumps are a haven for insects and fungi. If you cut the tree down due to disease, leaving the stump in the ground can spread the infection to neighbouring trees and vegetation. Contact Wainwright Stump Removal if you need professional stump removal services. We will conduct an initial site survey to understand the landscape and problems of access to the property before giving you a quote. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment.