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Stump removal in BowdonStump removal in Bowdon can be an easy process if you use the services of Wainwright Stump Removal. They offer a comprehensive service that is smooth and efficient. All you need to do is measure the diameter of the stump you need removed and describe its location and area around it. This is necessary as the removal workers need to know of any obstacles, determine the most suitable entry to the site so that the appropriate equipment and machines can be used. It is also advisable to investigate the species of the tree stump as best you can as there are different requirements for hardwood and softwood trees. You will receive your free quote.

In Bowdon, stump removal is something that needs to be done after a tree has fallen or been cut down. The process of removing a stump is referred to as stump grinding. An old tree stump can be an eyesore to an otherwise tidy and neat garden. They also take up a lot of space – think about what could replace that big old tree stump. A picnic table for lunch in the spring, a beautiful rose garden, a water feature or swimming pool, or a new swing set for the children? Smaller tree stumps can be hazardous to children who run around in the garden as they might not see it and trip over it. Another implication of having a tree stump is the insects and bugs it attracts as it starts to rot. This can lead to masses of unpleasant and harmful to timber insects invading your home. Lastly, it will become a hassle to manoeuvre your lawn mower around the tree stump to mow your grass and keep it looking at its best.

Stump removal in Bowdon requires special machinery and equipment to grind the stump down. Wainwright use only the finest quality and newest machines. Usually grinding down about six hundred millimetres below the ground, a lot of grindings are left behind. These grindings can be used as mulch to provide extra minerals to the soil around the tree stump or they can be removed from the site. Either way your garden will benefit from the removal of the tree stump. For more details about stump removal, contact Wainwright Stump Removal.