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Stump Grinding in CheadleStump grinding in Cheadle is necessary to completely eradicate a tree that for various reasons has been removed. The tree can grow again from the stump if not correctly treated. Digging the stump out is most often not an option as the roots are deep in the earth and normally widely of wide extent. The only way to deal with this is the grind the stump down. Our teams with the various machines will grind the stump down to about 600mm or just over half a metre below ground level. The chips of wood from the grinding are sometimes used to refill the hole and extra chips can be used as mulch in your garden. When we grind the stump we are careful to try and keep the chips in one place and prevent them from covering your whole garden.

When you have a tree that has been cut down in Cheadle, stump grinding is one of the only ways to completely remove it. We will need to know the kind of tree that has been felled as trees can have hard or soft wood and this makes a difference to the type of grinder we will use. We also need to know the location of the stump. If it is in a small place with access that is difficult and work space that is limited we will have to use one of our small machines. If the stump is in an open area one of the larger machines can be used. Whichever machine is used our team will be as careful as possible not to damage any part of your existing garden.

Stump grinding in Cheadle is essential for your garden. Contact Wainwright Stump Removal today and find out how reasonably priced our stump grinding services are. You could wait decades for the stump to rot to a degree where you can once again use that section of garden or the tree may grow again and cause the same problems as before. Once it has been ground, it is gone and there will be no more problems.