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Tree stump removal in BowdonTree stump removal in Bowdon is done quickly and efficiently at Wainwright Stump Removal. If you have ever tried to remove a stump by yourself you will know how difficult it is. Without the proper equipment it takes immense physical effort to remove any sizeable stump. We have a number of different machines, and will have one to suit your particular situation. Our small machines can get to hard to access areas, and we also have larger machines where required. All of our machines are powerful and able to tackle a substantial stump. Our operators are competent and insured and have the skills and knowledge to complete the job properly.

If you are clearing your garden in Bowdon, tree stump removal is often required. Typically when a tree is felled the stump remains. You may need it to be removed because you wish to use the area for a different purpose. If you do not remove it you also run the risk of it re-sprouting. We will remove the stump for you, regardless of its size. When we remove a stump we do not cut out all of the roots. Instead our machines will grind down the core of the root to well below the surface level, up to 600mm down. We will place a guard around the area so the grindings do not spread everywhere. We normally leave the grindings on the site and they can be used to backfill the hole. You can also use them for mulch in the garden. The mulch provides valuable nutrients and feeds the soil. If you prefer we can remove the grindings but this will be at an additional cost.

At Wainwright, we have many years of experience with tree stump removal in Bowdon. Our machines make the removal of stumps easy. Contact us today and make an appointment for us to come to your site. You will need to tell us beforehand how accessible the area is and give us as much information as possible about the stump to be removed. This is to ensure that we arrive with the correct machine for your particular situation.