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Stump Grinder in Heaton MerseyA stump grinder in Heaton Mersey is frequently necessary. When a tree grows old or dies, it is usually cut down and removed. There will be a stump which will stay behind until it either decays or decides to grow again. The only way to get rid of it is by stump grinding. This entails bringing in a machine that will turn the stump into sawdust and chippings. The stump is removed to about 600mm below the soil surface. The chips can be used as backfill for the hole and as mulch in your garden. Different trees have a different hardness of wood and it will therefore take a longer time to remove a hardwood stump than it will take to grind a softwood stump.

In Heaton Mersey, stump grinder professionals will make a cordon around the stump to stop the chips going all over the garden. The size and position of the stump will influence the machine used to remove it. If the stump is in a small or narrow part of the garden then a small machine will need to be used. In open areas there is a choice of machines to do the job. Whichever machine is used, the expert team will be very careful not to damage any other part of the garden.

The services of Wainwright’s stump grinder in Heaton Mersey will allow you to replant the section of the garden that previously had the tree or trees. With stump grinding you can re-use that section of the garden immediately to lay out a new garden. On acceptance of the quotation the team will first use the chainsaw to get the stump down to ground level. It is very dangerous to try and remove the stump with a chainsaw. Below ground level the tree must be ground into small chips. This entails using safety equipment as well as careful manoeuvering with the grinding machine. Once completed one has the option of having the chips removed if they cannot be used in one’s own garden. For more information about a professional stump grinder, contact Wainwright Stump Removal.