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Stump Remover in DidsburyWithout a stump remover in Didsbury it is extremely difficult to remove a stump. With the right machinery and technical expertise, however, it is easily done. At Wainwright Stump Removal we have more than 25 years experience in this task. With a range of different machines, we have the right equipment for every job. It is easy to arrange for us to remove a stump from your garden. For a quote simply measure the diameter of the stump. If you can provide us with information about where the stump is and how accessible it is, that will be very helpful. A photograph will be even better. This will enable us to send the right machine for the job. Additional information that is helpful is what species of tree is the stump. This will help us understand the work involved.

If you are clearing land for a new build in Didsbury, stump remover Wainwright can assist. We will grind the stump beneath ground level to a maximum of 600mm. We will place a guard around the tree before we start to limit the grindings spreading everywhere. The grindings can be used to back fill the hole. If there are grindings left they can be used as mulch, which is very beneficial for your garden. We can remove excess grindings if you prefer, but this will be for your account. At Wainwright we have the necessary insurance and all the required certifications to undertake your stump removal.

Removing a stump from your garden is easy to organise with Wainwright, stump remover in Didsbury. Call us today to discuss your requirements. We will answer any questions you have and explain how we work. If you can send a photograph of the tree in question, we can make sure we send the right machine. We have a number of satisfied customers, including landscapers, private gardeners, tree surgeons, property developers and insurance providers. Wainwright is committed to providing an excellent service. We make sure the work is done properly with a minimum of disruption. Whether you need stump removed or site clearance, we can assist.