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Stump Removal in TimperleyWe offer a whole lot more than low prices for stump removal in Timperley at Wainwright Stump Removal. We have the machines and we know how to use them! You see, when a tree falls or is cut down the stump can be harder to remove than you imagine. We found out that some people think we just grind it down with a grinder and we’re done. Those people have small, shallow-rooted trees. Most stumps have to be dug out and to do it requires the right sized equipment. Sometimes, if the stump abuts an immovable object, we have to do some hand digging to prevent damage to the surroundings.

We all know not to plant trees close to utilities. In Timperley, stump removal close to utility services can be tense. You may think you planted far enough away but after twenty years the trees trunk and root system may be encroaching. So, besides the low prices and right machines, we have 25 years’ experience managing the logistics of removing tree stumps of every size from unusual locations. We manage it all very well and with a smile … but just in case, you should know we are fully insured. If anything happens you, the customer, will bear none of the liability.

Stump removal in Timperley requires equipment, skill and experience. There is not much we haven’t seen but we enjoy a surprise from time to time. After all, removing a stump and grinding down the roots leaves a hole in your garden. If it’s a big tree, the hole will be so big you may be tempted to fill it with concrete and call it a swimming pool. Don’t worry though because we are conscientious about customer service. We fill the hole with grindings, give you the leftovers for use in your landscaping and leave the site clean and clear of debris. If you need stump removal contact Wainwright Stump Removal. Let us demonstrate our low prices, effective equipment, project management skills and conscientiousness customer service. We will get the job done and leave the site ready for new planting and landscaping.