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Stump Remover in Alderley EdgeYou may need a stump remover in Alderley Edge if you notice a home invasion of earwigs or ants. They are probably catching a ride into your home on the backs of your pets and the kid’s shoes and clothes. The source is likely the tree stump you never had removed, thinking you would leave it to rot on its own. Insects feed on tree stumps and it’s not unusual to see hundreds of them in and around the rotting wood. If the tree stump is near the foundation of your home, the ants will find their own way into your home by themselves. They won’t need to hitch a ride or your kids and pets. The tiny cavities in the wood are perfect for female earwigs to lay eggs.

Insect infestation is just one of several reasons to remove tree stumps. In Alderley Edge, as a stump remover and tree care specialist we  know there is never a good reason to leave the stump of a tree. We see how the diseased roots from a felled tree continue to grow and spread to healthy root systems, endangering other trees on your property. The old stumps are an eyesore preventing the use or replanting of the area. Do your kids like to ride dirt bikes and four wheelers on the property? They may not notice a tree stump covered with leaves until they hit it and flip. We have seen it all in our twenty-five years of service. Some stumps have been in tight inconvenient places and others have been in wide open areas but so large a crater is left after removal.

As the foremost stump remover in Alderley Edge, we guarantee a thorough job at a reasonable price. We have the equipment and experience to tackle any stump removal and you will be surprised how quickly we can complete the job. We grind the stump below ground level to kill off the roots. The whole site is cleared of all debris and ready for use. Contact Wainwright Stump Removal and let us reclaim that part of your property for you while removing a safety hazard. We’re easy to work with and customer satisfaction is our guarantee.