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Stump Grinding in WilmslowWhen you need tree stump grinding in Wilmslow call Wainwright Stump Removal. We know some people, after having a tree cut down, just leave the stump.  Often they stare at the stump and imagine it carved into an ornamental shape. Or they think they might let vines grow up and cover it and nail a big flowerpot to the top filled with beautiful flowers. Rarely does anyone follow through with their imaginary plans. Several other things happen though. Sprouts of trees and weeds grow into a huge out-of-control shrub like thing. Or you see the dog rolling by the stump and he comes in covered in carpenter ants. You literally have to pick them off one by one. You wonder why there are earwigs in your house and when you check the stump, you get your answer. Those diminutive prehistoric monsters are covering it.

Tree stumps, left to themselves, can become a study in entomology. If you’re not that interested in insects in Wilmslow, stump grinding is your solution.  Wainwright Stump Removal is well established in the area and has been for 25 years. We have seen stumps in every size and unlikely location imaginable. We grind them down to several inches below the ground so the roots won’t grow back. We fill the hole with the wood chips generated from the grinding and clean up the site. If you want the excess wood chips for your landscaping needs, we’ll leave them but if you don’t want them, we clear them away. We think you will enjoy a clean site ready for a new tree or other ornamental plant.

Don’t put off stump grinding in Wilmslow. They are a visual eyesore, attract insects and cause accidents. When you need one removed, contact Wainwright Stump Removal. We have the experience and the equipment to grind stumps in any location, no matter how awkward. Call us is you want a price quote over the phone. All you have to do is measure the stump diameter. Call us with that number and kind of tree and we can give you a quote. If the stump is next to a fence or is difficult to access with our machines, the quote will reflect the extra effort.

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